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Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Senior Secondary School, Suryakund, Gorakhpur


After attaining independence, on the basis of realization of 'Self', it was expected to create the system of 'Self' in every area of life. If an attempt was made to instill a sense of self-respect, self mation, self-culture and a glorious tradition of history in the child's life, then the emotional unity world  become the nature of the citizen. The lack of qualified persons in every sphere of life would not be seen. Many plans for nation building were made, factories were built, but the work of man building lagged behind.

            Qualitative, meaningful and cultural education is the best effective and only means of building and progressing a nation. Today, the culmination of the character collapse of the youth is being visible everywhere in our country. By forgetting the pride of their country and having no, self-respect is zero, their tendency towards Western culture is clearly reflected. The basic reason for this is the absolute lack of proper and competent education, so ideals of life is unparted and the sentiments towards great men, their works  and  glorious tradition are worked up the country needs such schools where the knowledge of indigenous, self-culture and  in self-language,

This will become the permanent basis of emotional unity, every particle of the land will become sacred, having taken the form of faith the reverence of the person will motivate his action and he will be able to manifest divinity. This will be the even lasting power of the nation.