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Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Senior Secondary School, Suryakund, Gorakhpur

Manager's Message

          The Saraswati Shishu Mandir Senior Secondary School, Subhash Chandra Bose Nagar, Suryakund conducts various programs from time to time for the all round development of Gorakhpur.

         One has to face many types of challenges in life. These challenges bring a kind of gift to us. Accepting these challenges of life with courage and overcoming its obstacles gives us the gift of success, but on the contrary, retreating from facing challenges due to frustration / despair makes life seem bleak due to failure.

        The more struggle one has to perform, the greater the success of the result. The challenges are burning embers. To purify gold, it is heated in fire, after purification, pure gold is obtained. Similarly, a person depressed with difficulties gives a beautiful direction to the society after taking the dimension of complete personality after success.

       There are two main determinants in the success of the work - (1) testing the opportunity (2) taking decisions at the appropriate time. Often people do not work on the right occasion. Therefore, success is not at hand. Decision-making capability always kisses success with time. Apart from this, foresight and well-meaning mother also act as catalysts for success.

        It is necessary and essential to remember that always the success of every task also proves to be disastrous. The success of each task inspires man to be egoistic and capricious. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to reach the turning point of success, at such a time, one realizes spiritual and God power, whose doors open for creation.

          In the light of the above facts, under the direction of the Principal and the teachers, in the picturesque environment of the school, the students will play a leading role in the Navnirman of the country through agile development. Including good news to the school family and wishes of the students for their future future.


Dr. Amod Kumar Rai