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Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Senior Secondary School, Suryakund, Gorakhpur

Vidya Bharti

TheSaraswati Shishu Mandir teaching system has a special place in the educational world. The main reason of this is that the scheme is derived from an ideology rather than an individual's search or discovery. Although in its advent there was a major support of certain social workers and patriotic great personalities.

The scheme was launched in 1952 in Gorakhpur with the inspiration of revered Bhaurao Deoras, Krishnachandra Gandhi and Nanaji Deshmukh, senior volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and it was 'Saraswati Shishu Mandir' which later become famous as the first lamp of the VidyaBharti. The All India Institutional Education, in the field of education step by step the lamp of the scheme started to light up not only in Uttar Pradesh but throughout the country. Over time, parents and education lovers associated with our Saraswati Shishu Mandir started to feel that the use of this innovative ritual in the field of primary education should be extended beyond Class V. A head to class 9th. The 'Saraswati Vidya Mandir' was started from Class VI to XII to light up at the other places of the in the field of secondary education, our first lamp was illuminated in Agra and soon it began state like Gorakhpur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Nainital, Mathura, Vrindavan, Runkata (Agra), Kosikala, Faizabad, Sultanpur, Deoria, Hapur, Ballia, Firozabad, Shaktinagar, Aligarh, Ghaziabad, Noida, Sahibabad, Etah, Basti, Khurja, Roorkee, Ghazipur and Sambhal. At present, in Uttar Pradesh about 46 CBSEs and 225 Uttar Pradesh Secondary Board Senior Secondary Schools are being glorified. There are about 30 lakh Students studying in more than 30,000 Shishu Mandir and Vidya Mandir working in the whole country, with around 1,50,000 Acharya-Acharya teaching in them, with the education system which is based on Indian culture.

The Vidya Bharti which is the cent to of education’s an all-India institutional, under whose guidance and direction education committees are working in different provinces of the country as well, The Bhartiya Shiksha Samiti Uttar Pradesh is one of them. Fortunately, this school is affiliated to the Bhartiya Shiksha Samiti Uttar Pradesh and is run by Swami Vivekananda Adarsh Shiksha Samiti, Gorakhpur.

Students are the focal point of their parents' future hopes, aspirations, and invaluable pledges of any society and the nation's. Therefore, it is necessary to build future generations by developing the inherent powers and qualities of this Obligation. Swami Vivekananda Adarsh Shiksha Samiti “is committed to this purpose with its various characteristics.